3 Rivers plays a blend of musical styles including indie rock and folk, a spoken word style they call Groove Hop, some blues and jazz, a bit of progressive rock, and an occasional dash of punk. In other words, they borrow from an eclectic array of genres to make their own unique sound. Each band member writes songs reflecting his own musical taste, life experience and ethos. Then they work through them over and over till they aren’t Ricci or Kyle or Gary songs, but 3 Rivers songs. They strive to make music that they love, that makes them laugh or dance or cry, that stirs something deep within them; their goal is to reach people who feel the same way when they listen.

3 Rivers started in the spring of 2014, but their story goes back much further. Gary, Kyle and Ricci first played together in a band in the early 90s called Soul Kitchen, performing at school dances and house parties. High school graduation and separate journeys ended the group, but bonds of music and friendship were formed that would last through the years as they scattered all over the earth.

In 2002 they reunited and started Green Fuse, a touring band based out of Bozeman, MT. This was an intense period of musical growth and discovery, as their songwriting and musicianship developed in the smoky bars of Montana. 2 years later they again separated as their lives progressed.

Since then they’ve taken their own meandering paths. Ricci lived, taught English, and played in a band in China for 8 years before moving back to New Hampshire. After years of study in New York City, Gary practices acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Kyle got an MFA in writing and teaches at a small college. Kyle and Gary are both married, and Gary has a young son. They’ve all grown and flourished as individuals, and now the boys of Soul Kitchen and the young men of Green Fuse have re-formed as 3 Rivers, and are playing their best music yet.

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